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31 August 2017
NVAHOF Director TD Barnes, a committee member of the Silent Heroes of the Cold War National Memorial led by Steve Ririe and the committee members were received at the Central Intelligence Agency Headquarters to present the Agency a special plaque that now hangs at the headquarters to the CIA in Langley, VA.

The inspiration for this National Memorial started on November 17, 1955, at 7:25 a.m., a USAF Military Air Transport Service aircraft took off from Burbank, CA with an air force crew, Lockheed and Hycon engineers, CIA personnel and scientists bound for Watertown, now known as Area 51. At 8:40 a.m. the aircraft was first reported missing. The full story of the fourteen men aboard and the U2 reconnaissance plane they helped build remained classified for over 40 years. Also classified as top-secret was the account of the men who risked their lives while they braved subzero temperatures at 11,500 feet elevation to attempt a rescue on Mount Charleston. Now, over four decades later, the time has come to tell one of the most intriguing stories of the Cold War. We honor these men and the hundreds of individuals who have worked in obscurity during the Cold War, many of whom have paid for our freedom with their very lives.

NVAHOF Director TD Barnes
NVAHOF Director TD Barnes
Steve Ririe presenting the plaque to CIA Museum Director Toni Hiley. L-R: Russell Cook, TD Barnes, James Fagiana, Lane Swainson, Christopher Hays, William Devine, and Ken Walther
Lane Swainston, Russell Cook, Steve Ririe, Ken Whalther, TD Barnes, William Devine, Christopher Hays, James Fagiana
Lane Swainston, Steve Ririe, Ken Whalther, TD Barnes, William Devine
James Fagiana, Lane Swainston, Russell Cook, Steve Ririe, TD Barnes, William Devine, Christopher Hays, Ken Walther
The Original Committee Members: Lane Swainston, Ken Walther, Steve Ririe, William Devine, TD Barnes
NVAHOF Director TD Barnes

17 September 2017
The Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame Director TD Barnes and NVAHOF Secretary Doris Barnes were the guests of the Blackfoot, Idaho Chamber of Commerce, staying at the Shoshone Convention Center at the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, and the following day the guest speaker at a special Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce meeting open to the public at Premier Technology.

On October 10, 2017, the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame conducted its annual dinner and enshrinement ceremony at the Ricardo's Restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 2017 class of enshrines included Dick Bissell, Louis Schalk, Hugh "Slip" Slater, and the Roadrunners of Area 51.

Buffet line - Ricardo's Restaurant - Las VegasNVAHOF Plaque Display at McCarran International Airport
Roadrunner members who are also officers or enshrinees of the NVAHOF.L-R. Enshrinee Frank Murray, Connie May. Pete Merlin, Joerg Arnu, TD Barnes, and Roger Andersen
NVAHOF Director TD Barnes and NVAHOF Director Special Events Roger Andersen
Roadrunners International Vice President Harry Martin accepting Certificate of Enshrinement into the NVAHOF in behalf of the Roadrunners.
Roadrunners Internationale webmaster Joerg Arnu, life member of NVAHOF, and NVAHOF Director TD BarnesRoger Andersen reading certificate of enshrinement of Huge Slater to the Slater family, Peter Slater, Stacey Slater-Bernhart, Terry Slater, Paul BernhartDirector TD Barnes presenting the Hugh Slater Certificate of Enshrinement to the Slater family
Enshrinee Hugh Slater siblings Peter Slater and Stacey Slater-Bernhart accepting the Certificate of Enshrinement
2012 NVAHOF Enshrinee Frank Murray
Roadrunners Internationale Webmaster and NVAHOF Member Joerg Arnu and 2012 NVAHOF Enshrinee Frank Murray
The Col. Jim Anderson familyMichael Betterton, Fred Trost, Gail Trost, Liz Overstreet, Andy Overstreet

Elsie Stewart and NVAHOF Secretary Doris BarnesThe Lockheed GangKeith Beswick, Peter Law, Jerry MillerNVAHOF Director Communications Connie May, NVAHOF 2012 Enshrinee Frank Murray, Joe Murray, Shirley Rose, NVAHOF Director Special Events Roger Andersen, Dave Bubb, Linda AndersenNee-Wah Sullivan, Pat, JoAnn (Kneeling), Cheryl Moore, and Joerg Arnu visiting the Little A'Le'Inn, Rachel, NV

Roger Andersen promoting NVAHOF book of past enshrines for funds raising
2012 Enshrine Frank Murray and NVAHOF Director Communication & Public Affairs Connie May
Roadrunners Internationale Webmaster Joerg Arnu and NVAHOF Secretary Doris Barnes

On October 28, 2017he National Aviation Hall of Fame conducted its 55th and first-ever enshrinement dinner and ceremony outside Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. The fabulous Gaylord Texas Convention Center hosted the Lodging, and the Fort Worth Alliance Airport hosted the dinner and ceremony enshrining Charles E. Bolden, Jr., Malcolm Scott Carpenter, Robert J. Gilliland, and Sir Frank Whittle.
For Barnes, the event has special meaning as enshrinee Robert "Bob" Gilliland, and many of the 17 past recipients of the prestigious NAHF award accomplished their award-winning deeds in the state of Nevada on projects in which Director Barnes also participated. The event was truly the Oscar night of Aviation.

The red carpet reception for the Oscars of Aviation
The banquet room at the Fort Worth Alliance airport

Cocktails before the dinner and ceremony

The Bob Gilliland family

Enshrinee Bob Gilliland and his siblings, Robert Gilliland, Jr. esq and Dr. Anne Hayes, MD

The extended Bob Gilliland family

NVAHOF Director TD Barnes and NAHF Enshrinee Bob Gilliand, both Area 51 veterans of the CIA Project OXCART

TD Barnes and Col. Ed Yielding, SR-71 pilot who set 4 world speed records while delivering the SR-71 to the Smithsonian Museum at Dulles

The table centerpiece at the Anne Hayes brunch for her father, Bob Gilliland at the Gaylord Texas Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas

Enshrinee & SR-71 test pilot Bob Gilliland, former enshrinee Dick Ruton,retired United States Air Force pilot and record-breaking aviator who piloted the Voyager aircraft around the world non-stop with co-pilot Jeana Yeager, and NVAHOF Director TD Barnes

Bob Gilliland and TD Barnes visiting with Pat Graham, spouse of SR-71 pilot and wing commander Col. Rich Graham

Bob Gilliland, Jim Gilliland, TD Barnes

Area 51 Special Projects veteran TD Barnes and SR-71 pilots, Colonels Ed Yielding and Rich Graham

Robert Gilliland displaying a poster of the book cover for Bob Gilliland's upcoming autobiography

TD Barnes greeting Bob Gilliland with siblings Robert Gilliland and Anne Hayes looking on

The Anne Hayes Brunch for her dad, Bob Gilliland and friends at the Gaylord Texas Convention Center

Well deserved recognition of an icon of aviation

October 4, 2017, Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame Executive Director the guest speakers at The Siena Technology/Computer Club in the Siena Community Center Ballroom in Las Vegas, Nevada. Barnes shared declassified accounts of his years working for the Central Intelligence Agency Special Projects at Area 51. He introduced his latest book, The Secret Genesis of Area 51 published by Arcadia/History Press. He also shared his book, Aviation Legends of the Battle Born State published as a fundraiser for NVAHOF.

Thursday, October 19th at the Thomas T. Beam Engineering Building A auditorium, NVAHOF Executive Director was the guest speaker for the second general meeting of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, UNLV American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Southern Nevada Chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). Luis Cuevas, President of the UNLV Student Chapter of AIAA and Darrell W. Pepper, Ph.D., Professor and Director, NCACM, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Department of Mechanical Engineering extended the invitation for Director Barnes to speak to the engineering students. Accompanied by NVAHOF Secretary Doris Barnes, Director Barnes joined Dr. Darrell Pepper, Jeannie Pepper and the executive board of the chapter for dinner at the Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe.
Prior to joining the Central Intelligence Agency's Special Projects Team, Barnes spent several years at the Beatty radar site on the NASA High Range during Project X-15, the lifting bodies that became the space shuttle, the LLRV, lunar landing recovery vehicle, the XB-70, YF-12, and as a member of the CIA's Seven Sisters for flight testing the A-12 plane at Area 51.

Civil Air Patrol cadets from the Rocky Mountain Region, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming posing with the Idaho Wing Commander Colonel George Breshears and Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame Executive Director TD Barnes during the RMR Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho September 2017.

On September 15-17, 2017, the Idaho Civil Air Patrol hosted the Rocky Mountain Region Civil Air Patrol Conference (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming) at the Sun Valley Lodge in Sun Valley, Idaho. Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame Executive Director TD Barnes served as the Special Key Note Speaker and Special Instructor earlier in the event and again at the awards banquet following the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony awarding Capt Waldo Thurber posthumously.

Idaho Civil Air Patrol Honor Guard
Capt Mitzi Breshears, Idaho Wing Public Affairs Officer, NVAHOF Director TD Barnes, Col. George Breshears, Idaho Wing Commander preparing for Barnes' speech to the conference. The Nevada Civil Air Patrol Wing Commander Col. Carol L. Lynn was at the event to also represent the state of Nevada.
Captain Breshears, Lt. Jamison, Director TD Barnes, Colonel Breshears
Director TD Barnes presenting Colonel Breshears with a set of the CIA Area 51 Chronicles authored by Barnes
Conference dignitaries entering the awards banquet. L-R: NVAHOF Secretary Doris Barnes, NVAHOF Director TD Barnes, Rocky Mountain Region Commander (Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming) Col Thomas Kettle, Capt Brehears, and Idaho Wing Commander George Breshears
Director TD Barnes, Colonel Thomas Kettle, Capt Mitzi Breshears, and Col George Breshears
NVAHOF Director TD Barnes addressing the RMR Conference banquet
Doris and TD Barnes
Lt. Jaminson posing with Doris & TD Barnes with photo of Col Jack Layton, Idaho resident deceased and Area 51 contemporary of Barnes during CIA Project OXCART
Col Jack Layton's daughter Karen Stone, granddaughter Kamber Stone, TD Barnes, and Doris Barnes