NVAHOF Director TD Barnes Guest Speaker at UNLV AIAA chapter

Thursday, October 19th at the Thomas T. Beam Engineering Building A auditorium, NVAHOF Executive Director was the guest speaker for the second general meeting of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, UNLV American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Southern Nevada Chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). Luis Cuevas, President of the UNLV Student Chapter of AIAA and Darrell W. Pepper, Ph.D., Professor and Director, NCACM, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Department of Mechanical Engineering extended the invitation for Director Barnes to speak to the engineering students. Accompanied by NVAHOF Secretary Doris Barnes, Director Barnes joined Dr. Darrell Pepper, Jeannie Pepper and the executive board of the chapter for dinner at the Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe.
Prior to joining the Central Intelligence Agency's Special Projects Team, Barnes spent several years at the Beatty radar site on the NASA High Range during Project X-15, the lifting bodies that became the space shuttle, the LLRV, lunar landing recovery vehicle, the XB-70, YF-12, and as a member of the CIA's Seven Sisters for flight testing the A-12 plane at Area 51.