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On October 13, Frank Murray (CIA A-12 pilot), Harry Martin (AF fuels specialist), and TD Barnes, former Area 51 Special Projects and the current Executive Director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame were the guests at CIA Headquarters where they were interviewed by historians and Public Affairs, and guests of the EAA, and the CIA Museum Director. The Central Intelligence Agency staff treated them to a private lunch at Hqs. The NVAHOF enshrined Frank Murray into the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame in 2012.

NVAHOF Director TD Barnes
Harry Martin, Frank Murray, TD Barnes

Jerry Doyle, President Clark County Aviation Association reports that cadets of the Nevada Wing of the Civil Air Patrol will assist with the open house. Mr. Doyle has stated plans to set up the carpeted area shown in the photos for the kids with a bouncy house, clown, coloring, etc. The 99s will host the pancake breakfast in the lobby area partitioned by the glass walls. Around the sides of the carpet will be Groups, Organizations, Vendors, etc.

Officers, staff, and members of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame will have an area set up to greet participants at the gala event and to accept new membership applications. It is an annual event for the NVAHOF to join the sponsor, CCAA, Clark County Aviation Association, to entertain and welcome visitors to the aviation and car show event at the North Las Vegas Airport. NVAHOF will display the plaques of those enshrined for the past two years before they join the plaques of those enshrined in the past that are on public display at the McCarran Airport. As a fundraiser for NVAHOF, the staff is offering a discounted price on sales of the recently published book, "Aviation Legends of the Battle Born State," authored by NVAHOF Director TD Barnes. All proceeds go to the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the recognition of Nevada's aviation and aerospace pioneers and pacesetters. Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame

14 November 2017
Nevada State Museum
Las Vegas, Nevada

NVAHOF Director TD Barnes speaking
Below: Guest Truman Guynn and NVAHOF Director TD Barnes
Barnes and Guynn were HS classmates at Mt. View, Oklahoma

NVAHOF Director TD Barnes served as the keynote speaker at a luncheon of Pioneering Las Vegas History to a record-breaking crowd at the Springs Preserve that included guests from Oklahoma and Colorado. His topic was the recently declassified history of the Central Intelligence Agency during the forming of Area 51 for flight-testing the ultra-secret U-2 reconnaissance plane. Barnes was affiliated with and worked at Area 51 on the agency's DS&T special projects team. His lecture covered the questions of who, when, why, what, and where of the CIA era at Area 51 and the many recently revealed affiliated sites during the period of the Cold War from 1955 to 1979 when the CIA relinquished Area 51 to the US Air Force.

Mark the date: December 2, 2017
Clark County Aviation, NV Open House

The NVAHOF staff welcomes its members and friends to join them for a pancake breakfast and a great day with old friends, new friends, and neighbors while mingling through the aviation and car show. This annual event is hosted by the Clark County Department of Airports and the Clark County Aviation Association. NVAHOF will have available for purchase the recently published book "Aviation Legends of the Battleborn State." All proceeds will go to support the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame. New members will have an opportunity to join the NVAHOF and participate in its recognizing and honoring those who contributed to the rich aviation and aerospace history of the Battle Born state.