Hall of Fame

On October 28, 2017he National Aviation Hall of Fame conducted its 55th and first-ever enshrinement dinner and ceremony outside Dayton, Ohio, the birthplace of aviation. The fabulous Gaylord Texas Convention Center hosted the Lodging, and the Fort Worth Alliance Airport hosted the dinner and ceremony enshrining Charles E. Bolden, Jr., Malcolm Scott Carpenter, Robert J. Gilliland, and Sir Frank Whittle.
For Barnes, the event has special meaning as enshrinee Robert "Bob" Gilliland, and many of the 17 past recipients of the prestigious NAHF award accomplished their award-winning deeds in the state of Nevada on projects in which Director Barnes also participated. The event was truly the Oscar night of Aviation.

The red carpet reception for the Oscars of Aviation
The banquet room at the Fort Worth Alliance airport

Cocktails before the dinner and ceremony

The Bob Gilliland family

Enshrinee Bob Gilliland and his siblings, Robert Gilliland, Jr. esq and Dr. Anne Hayes, MD

The extended Bob Gilliland family

NVAHOF Director TD Barnes and NAHF Enshrinee Bob Gilliand, both Area 51 veterans of the CIA Project OXCART

TD Barnes and Col. Ed Yielding, SR-71 pilot who set 4 world speed records while delivering the SR-71 to the Smithsonian Museum at Dulles

The table centerpiece at the Anne Hayes brunch for her father, Bob Gilliland at the Gaylord Texas Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas

Enshrinee & SR-71 test pilot Bob Gilliland, former enshrinee Dick Ruton,retired United States Air Force pilot and record-breaking aviator who piloted the Voyager aircraft around the world non-stop with co-pilot Jeana Yeager, and NVAHOF Director TD Barnes

Bob Gilliland and TD Barnes visiting with Pat Graham, spouse of SR-71 pilot and wing commander Col. Rich Graham

Bob Gilliland, Jim Gilliland, TD Barnes

Area 51 Special Projects veteran TD Barnes and SR-71 pilots, Colonels Ed Yielding and Rich Graham

Robert Gilliland displaying a poster of the book cover for Bob Gilliland's upcoming autobiography

TD Barnes greeting Bob Gilliland with siblings Robert Gilliland and Anne Hayes looking on

The Anne Hayes Brunch for her dad, Bob Gilliland and friends at the Gaylord Texas Convention Center

Well deserved recognition of an icon of aviation